Interactive Floorplan

Launch Interactive Floorplan!


  1. Choose Apartment Community and floor plan of interest
  2. Choose a furniture category on left
  3. Drag furniture item to floor plan
  4. Move furniture item by clicking and dragging the item
  5. Delete or rotate the item using the controls

Furniture Dimensions

  • Couch 6’x2.5′
  • Loveseat 4’x2.5′
  • Chair 2’x2.5′
  • Small Coffee Table 4’x2′
  • Large Coffee Table 4’x2.5′
  • End Table 2’x2′
  • Small Dresser 2.25’x2′
  • Dresser 4.5’x2′
  • Nightstand 2’x2′
  • Round Table 48″ Diameter
  • Rectangle Table 3’x5′
  • Chair 1.5’x1.5′
For Estimation Purposes Only. All measurements are approximate.