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For additional information and updates, please visit CEMA’s website at

In the event of a Hurricane or Tropical Storm Watch

Eye of the storm is expected to hit the area within 36 hours. Wind and rain will get to your area many hours before.

  • Pay close attention to weather related news
  • Double check your disaster preparedness and evacuation kits
  • Remove all loose items from patio and terrace
  • Fill vehicle with gas
  • Draw all shades, close blinds and drapes
  • Remove fragile objects from walls and shelves. Store in a closet and up off the floor
  • Close and lock all windows and sliding glass doors
  • Locate the exits nearest you in case of power loss
  • Close all faucets, unplug electrical items and disconnect television antennas


In the event of a Hurricane or Tropical Storm Warning

Storm will impact our area within 24 hours

  • Complete all above guidelines for storm watch in addition to the following
  • Determine a location for family members to meet in the event you are asked to evacuate
  • Determine where you will go and your route
  • Be alert for tornadoes, heavy flooding and severe thunderstorms


In the event of a Voluntary Evacuation ordered by CEMA

Evacuation is urged for all, particularly for areas prone to flooding. Not all areas of Chatham County may fall under this order.

  • Complete all the above guidelines for storm watch and warning in addition to the following
  • Maintenance staff might not be available


In the event of a Mandatory Evacuation ordered by CEMA

Everybody is ordered to leave the city.

  • Residents should leave immediately
  • No further maintenance or emergency maintenance will be done on property
  • Maintenance will not be able to help with any type of emergency
  • Police and medical personnel will not respond during the storm
  • No one knows how long your property will be out of utilities (electricity, gas, water) if there is an interruption in your service