How do I rent an apartment from a Kole Management Company community?

First contact the leasing office of the selected community. Then meet our Resident Qualification Standards for that particular community. Next submit an application for residency, which may be done at the community leasing office or online via our secure internet application.

What types of leases do you offer?

Our most popular lease is the 12-month lease; also available are 6-11 month leases as well. Availability of lease terms may vary from community to community.

How do you approve my application?

Applicant must meet all the Resident Qualification Standards for that particular community. Once an application has been submitted a credit and criminal background check is run on each applicant. First American SafeRent (FASR) is used to implement this process. FASR will give us a risk score (like Equifax or TransUnion gives a credit risk score) based on your credit history, as well as any landlord-tenant court records. FASR’s scores are exclusive to the apartment industry and therefore cannot be used to determine your consumer credit score.

Why does my credit need to be checked?

In the same way that credit card companies extend credit to you, we are extending credit to you as well. Our “credit” comes in the form of the apartment you will be occupying for us. Studies have shown that those who are diligent in maintaining a good credit history, are also diligent in maintaining a well-kept home and paying rent on time. The reason we check your credit score is so that we may gauge our credit risk, as do other creditors.

Can I have a co-signer for the apartment?

We accept co-signer’s application only when the prospective resident is a full-time student, in which case both co-signer and prospective resident must complete an application.

How do I know for sure that I will get the next available apartment?

After the application has been processed and approved, an applicant may place a Good-Faith Deposit (in the form of a cashier’s check or money order) with the leasing office. The approved applicant will then be entitled to the next available apartment. The Good-Faith Deposit will be applied to either your traditional security deposit or your rent, beginning the day you take possession of your apartment.

How much is the application fee and how do I pay it?

The application fees have a starting range of $35 up to $55 per application, and business applications start at $75. All application fees and deposits must to be in the form of a money order or cashier’s check, the exception being; the online application, which may be paid for with any major credit card or personal check. Approved online applications paid for with a personal check, will be declined if the check is returned for insufficient funds.

I placed a good faith deposit down for an apartment, but now I’m unable
to move. Do I get my Good Faith Deposit back?

The Good Faith Deposit is fully refundable if the application is canceled in writing within the first 72 hours of having been submitted. If 72 hours have lapsed, then the Good Faith Deposit will be forfeited.

What is a Reservation Fee?

A Reservation Fee reserves a particular apartment and is non-refundable. At the time of move in, the reservation fee will be applied toward your security deposit or your first month’s rent.

Do you accept pets?

Some of our communities accept pets with certain conditions. Please contact the community of your choice to learn about their pet policy or visit our Pet Friendly Page. All pet-friendly communities will require a copy of your pet’s immunization records before acceptance of the pet.

What is included with my rent?

All of Kole Management’s properties abide by the guidelines for Savannah-Chatham County Metropolitan Police Department’s Crime Free Housing Program. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own safety. However, Kole Management prides itself on the efforts we take to make your stay at our communities as carefree as possible.

Do you have dependable maintenance?

Each community has a crew of full-time maintenance staff, who are dedicated to offering our residents the best in maintenance service and satisfaction. A staff member is always on-call in the event of an after-hours emergency.

When is my rent due?

Rent and all other charges are due in full on the first day of each month, and are late after the fifth of the month.

What are acceptable forms of payment for rent?

Rent paid on the first and before the sixth, you may choose to pay with personal check, cashier’s check or money order. If your rent is late (after the 5th), we only accept cashier’s check or money order. *Cash is never accepted for rent.

Can I pay with my credit card?

At this time we are only able to accept personal check, cashier’s check or money order for rent payments at most of our communities. Ridgewood, Alhambra and Wyndmere Apartments are capable of accepting online rent payments. Call their leasing offices to inquire for more details.

What if I break my lease?

Your lease is a legal and binding contract, between the resident and the apartment community. If a lease is broken, the security deposit (if applicable) will be forfeited, and the resident must pay an early termination fee. You are also required to give a 30-or 60-day notice (check with the community of residency), or to give a notice less than that required will result in an insufficient notice fee, which is also equal to one month’s rent. Check with the leasing office at your own community for more details, or special circumstances.

Do you replace light bulbs and air filters?

You are responsible for changing the light bulbs and air filters after you take position of the apartment. However, we will provide the air filters and any fluorescent bulbs needed. Also, at least twice a year we perform a preventative maintenance inspection on your apartment, and during that time will check and change your filter.

I’m expecting a package to be delivered to my apartment while I’m away.
Will the office accept the package?

We will accept any package for our residents through UPS, FedEx or DHL. Packages sent by the Post Office are usually left in parcel lockers (if available), or you can pick those up at the local post office. (The carrier will leave a note in your mailbox to let you know.)

What services do you offer your residents?

In addition to package drop-off service, a number of our communities also offer the limited use of a resident computer, printer, copier, high-speed internet, and fax – all available in the office during normal business hours. Also, when you are away on vacation, simply let us know, and we’ll make sure any newspaper deliveries or packages are placed inside your apartment. Some communities also offer pet services (walking and feeding) and plant watering while you’re away. Check with the community of your choice to learn of the services offered.

After my first lease term, will my rent increase?

Kole Management strives to keep our rental rates at a very competitive level. Unfortunately, due to changes in the housing market, it may be necessary to marginally increase rental rates. However, we try to keep any increases to a minimum.

I’m interested in getting a roommate. Is there anything the roommate
will need to do before they move in with me?

A prospective roommate must also complete an application and meet our resident qualification standards. Knowing at all times who resides in our community is extremely important in case of emergencies and also to comply with Savannah-Chatham County Metropolitan Police Department’s Crime Free Housing Program.