Finding the Perfect Savannah Apartment

Finding the Perfect Savannah Apartment

Posted by GoWP Support on April 3, 2012

What are your reasons for considering a Savannah Apartment?

  • Budget
  • Temporary residence during school
  • Flexibility for future career change
  • New to the area and want to check out some neighborhoods
  • Saving up for a home down payment

Whatever your personal motivations, you’ll want to write out a detailed checklist for your search. It should look something like this:


  • Number of bedrooms __
  • Number of bathrooms __
  • Location close to work/school/transportation
  • Maximum budget: $_________
  • Pet friendly
  • Safe location

Wish List

  • Amenities: pool, tennis court, walking/bike trail
  • Close to shopping and dining
  • Close to favorite recreation
  • Upgrades
  • High end appliances and fixtures

Armed with your list, you’re ready to begin your search for your ultimate Savannah apartment. Start here.

Location? We have eight of them spread throughout the greater Savannah area. Floor plan? One to three bedrooms in a variety of footprints and price ranges. Pet friendly? Choose from seven of our communities. Amenities? Swimming, tennis, power walking, and close access to a lot more. Safety? We are charter participants in the City of Savannah’s Crime Free Housing Program.

There’s an excellent chance that we have the exact property that best matches your search checklist. We understand that people have lots of different reasons for choosing a Savannah apartment. Our strategy has been to assemble a collection of properties that address as many of those reasons as possible. The result – a roster of diverse apartment communities accessible through a single, simplified resource.

Your perfect new home awaits… click on.

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